A downloadable game for Windows

The town of Sherdone is cursed and you are sent down to rid them of the evil.

This is my first ever horror game. It's best played in the dark, loud, with headphones on.

It should take you around 5 - 10 minutes to complete. You can change the look sensitivity in the pause menu by pressing escape.

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(143 total ratings)
AuthorDaniel Buckley
Made withUnity
TagsAtmospheric, Creepy, Dark, First-Person, Horror, Low-poly, Medieval, Psychological Horror, Short, Spooky
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


The Crypt Terror - Windows 73 MB


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Amazing job in making this. I recorded this video a few months back in 2022. Pardon for the awkward commentary.

short but really good and pretty scary

Nice game, Highly recommended :)

Very well made! I would definitely recommend it.

Scary Game I highly recommend it ,well made.10/10

This game gave me the Heebie-Jeebies!

This game gave me a good scare and the atmosphere was awesome.

Gameplay en español


adore este videojuego !!! muy geniall : ) sigue asiii

This game was awesome, checked it out for a recent Itch.io horror pack video and we loved it. Wish it could have been longer but for what it was it had a great feel and style to it with some fun scares. Happy to have checked it out :)

(Your game begins at 0:21:19)

To say that I have played al ot of these super-short games that are essentially just about leading the player to an end goal where they meet whatever will kill them would be understating it. That is not to say it is a bad thing, mind you, just that I see it a lot.

And here, I see it done very well. From the beginning with chanting people praying for your safety as you are lowered into the dungeons, and the minutes you spent feeling a bit lost in there and to the big scare, things ooze with a specicic, dour atsmohpere that I really appreciate.

So good work on a good spook!

thanks for the games 

Simple and effective. These are the key words to describe this game for me. I really think that you nailed the atmosphere with the graphical style, sounds and ambience. The game is simple in the way that it doesn't require that many elements to scare the player, since the atmosphere does all the job. 

I'm a huge fan of atmosphere-focused horror, and I think this game is a really great example of this. Keep up the good work ^^


This really caught me off-guard - I'm not sure what I was expecting, but I was really blown away by the cinematic opening, and then a really strong, tense atmosphere throughout - simple but effective graphics, and not too much 'woah scary thing and blood' everywhere. Just the right amount to keep me right on edge!

Really enjoyed this. I expected jumpscares off the wall, but it was a constant creeping terror with just the right amount of panic to keep it zesty! Awesome stuff!


That was really good and i need more


Loved this game. It made me poop my pants a few times.


Ame este juego, el scarejump es uno que se diferencia del resto... Buen trabajo.

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Yooo...This game is so creepy.What a nice game.The game's atmosphere is so scary.Amazing indie horror game.Great job!


Im crying fr and my pants is dirty now


I had fun with this, it was actually really creepy and i had a hard time not being uncomfortable as i had no clue what was surrounding me. Great job! 


The end was predictable) Good job


Nice horror!




Bruh... scary stuff 


You should always be careful of the grave

Credits and much love to you, developer! Thank you for the AWESOME game. I can't wait for the next one. I get to play this in the Philippines!

Great short game easy to work out and run through. Would like to see this made into a large map with maybe more jumpscares. And resporns would be a cool add on along with multiplayer. Ggs game dev great build


Pretty Scary!

Really great Horror Experience, I looked at some of the other videos on here and I missed the jumpscare room on the far left, But if i didnt miss it, I would've shidded. (Gameplay starts at 1:21)


Bloody great game! Scared the shit out of me! 


The game is creepy and has this claustrophobic vibes. Last part is quite obvious but still gave me the fright. Great job!

I think I broke it :|


The Graphics are insane and the sound design is very good i love it!


i shat my pants. thank you 


Joguinho curto mas muito atmosférico! Uma experiência de terror bem sucinta e completa, com até fator-replay, já que você pode acabar deixando alguns sustos passarem desapercebidos. Link da minha gameplay em pt-br : 


Really nice game, I liked the graphics and the lighting system, also the animations were very nice. Good job 👍


my god this game got me good I was speechless by that scare think the first was just like GET OUT OF MY ROOM but loved it one of the best horror indie games I have played in a long time 
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